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Why a No-Spend Weekend is Good for Your Wellbeing

25th May 2021

Below are some tips:

Modern life can be exhausting. With many people going through the motions: getting up early, working 9-5, heading home in the rush hour traffic, having dinner, going to bed, and repeating, this often mundane and busy cycle can leave hardly any time to actually spend your hard-earned cash. So, when the weekend comes around, so does a frivolous 48 hours of over the top spending.

But when Monday morning creeps up on you, and your bank account looks as though it’s taken a beating, have you ever considered that money may not actually buy you happiness? With wellbeing and mental health being more important than ever, sometimes it’s important to look inwards, evaluate your life and discover what truly makes you happy.

Even if you don’t need to be making cutbacks, why not try out a no-spend weekend? It can work wonders for your mental wellbeing and remind you that there’s more to life than money. Need convincing? Here’s why you should try it:

You’ll Save Money

Whether you need to or not, doing without your plastic spend-happy friends for a whole weekend will save you money. If you’re a big spender and are used to splashing the cash on a Saturday night, chances are a no-spend weekend will see you noticing the difference dramatically.

One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety is money worries. With people often overspending, whether it’s intentional or accidental, avoiding those unnecessary spending sprees can instantly reduce worries.

You may also feel liberated about the fact that you’ve managed to abstain from spending for a whole weekend, which is a pick-me-up in itself.

You’ll Become More Creative

With not spending money comes resourcefulness. Depending on the strictness of your no-spend weekend, these limitations may turn themselves into a creative outlet of new recipes, upcycling old clothes, and DIY challenges.

Creating something from scratch and not purchasing through convenience can boost self-esteem, self-accomplishment and confidence greatly - not to mention the fact that you’ve refrained from spending money along the way. These achievements can work wonders for your wellbeing. Going back to basics and really working hard at something is one of the most rewarding prizes of all.


You’ll Reduce Your Impulse Spending

Studies have shown that 91% of British citizens have admitted to impulse spending every month with payday weekend being, unsurprisingly, the biggest culprit. This large statistic is mainly down to impatience and the temptation of next day and even same-day delivery services.

Whether you can afford to pay for convenience or not, impulse spending induces short term happiness which is great, until the high dies out and you’re back to feeling the same.

By avoiding impulse spending, you won’t be constantly chasing a very temporary dopamine fix. Your brain will reset and you’ll realise that the quick high of impulse buying was never really worth it.

You’ll Work With What You Have

A no-spend weekend is a perfect opportunity to put your credit card away and make use of what you already have. It may even make you realise how much you spend on unnecessary items, and prevent you from any future excess spending.

For example, many Brits have storage cupboards in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms with forgotten items that have been pushed to the back of the cabinet to make use for new ones. From half-empty cosmetic bottles, to out-of-date spices, chances are you have at least one drawer in your home that is overflowing with items or products that are never used and eventually thrown away.

With daily waste costing Brits an average of £420 a year, a no-spend weekend will force you to dig deep into those cupboards, re-organize what’s in date and what’s not, and use up what you have in front of you once and for all.

As well as saving you a large sum of money, you’ll also learn to be less wasteful. This can enhance your mental wellbeing, and make you feel proud and satisfied about yourself, your daily choices and how you’re positively contributing to the world.


You’ll Realise How Little Money You Need to Be Happy

Choosing to refrain from spending, even for a weekend, allows you to get inventive with how you choose to use your time. From spending quality time with friends and family over a warm cup of coffee at home, or taking long walks in the countryside, you’ll realise that it’s who you’re with that makes you happy, and not how much you spend.

If you’re ready to rediscover that some of the best things in life are free, you’ll be able to appreciate what you have much more. With appreciation comes happiness, and with happiness comes improved mental wellbeing.

Say No to Excessive Spending and Yes to a Life of Fulfillment

Money isn’t the be-all and end-all. Yes, it’s nice to be able to flash the cash every once in a while, but, while it may sound cliched, it’s not the root of all happiness.

With a no-spend weekend allowing you time to reflect on what you already have, you’ll realise that the finer things in life aren’t caviar and champagne, but instead, family and the ones you love.

So go on, give a no-spend weekend a try and always celebrate your achievement. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll wake up on Monday morning feeling just that little bit better from a spending hangover-free weekend.

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